Oktober 5 2016

Alpha 15 – Experimental Update B104

Hi zusammen,

Server haben Ihr Update bekommen und sind nun mit der neuesten Experimental ausgstattet. Das Release und somit der Mapwechsel / Reset steht also kurz bevor. Bis dahin gilt weiterhin zu testen. Anbei für die Interessierten unter Euch die Release Notes


  • Added: New trailer park to Navezgane and to the RGW mixer.
  • Added: New canyon mine Navezgane only
  • Added: Launcher option to disable UNET networking.
  • Added: SystemInfo command to display your current running system info (Can be used to check which graphics device was being used, but there is other useful information in there about memory and CPU info )
  • Added: Running shoes can be found in loot and nerdy glasses can be found in loot.
  • Added: Enable glCore support and Launcher option for GLCore, tooltips for options.


  • Changed: Coal and nitrate can be found in loot.
  • Changed: Explosion damage rebalanced.
  • Changed: There are new loading screen images that also reduce memory.
  • Changed: Updated Navezgane and RGW world thumbnail images.
  • Changed: Glass has more structural integrity so (small) glass ceilings can be built.
  • Changed: Low level barter skill increases much faster.
  • Changed: Increased economy value of some clothing items.
  • Changed: Traders stock more general resources.
  • Changed: Crafting times and resources for fertilizer adjusted.
  • Changed: RWG now has a max hub pregen size of 6 from center.
  • Changed: The trickle zombies after a 7 day horde scale with the player’s game stage.


  • Fixed: Animal killing blows sometimes grant bonus harvest yield.
  • Fixed: Fixed up explosion code. Zombies get hit-per-collider, players get hit with explosion damage only once.
  • Fixed: RWG games may freeze on creation.
  • Fixed: Flashlight assembled with another weapon part wont separate normally as other parts that are joined.
  • Fixed: Null reference when returning to burning minibike and opening its menu.
  • Fixed: Repairing firearms costs less QL degradation than repairing tools.
  • Fixed: Many recipes that say Scrap Iron are misleading.
  • Fixed: Some buffs like Infection1 are not curable the GUI buff goes away but not the character screen.
  • Fixed: Trader quest offset now works correctly.
  • Fixed: Player Vending Machines now show same price using all or categories.
  • Fixed: New Wasteland ground textures have a line where they blend.
  • Fixed: College Jacket incorrectly equips to shirt slot (shirt is destroyed)
  • Fixed: Overalls are cloth items again.
  • Fixed: Prohibit blockupgrades for traderstations.
  • Fixed: Console key for closing also F1.
  • Fixed: Startup screen in Navezgane map is blank.
  • Fixed: Updated fuel/scrap values of the spike traps.
  • Fixed: Wood spike damage is working as intended.
  • Fixed: White saplings.
  • Fixed: NRE on continue game in RWG.
  • Fixed: Crafting electrical lights increases science skill.
  • Fixed: Oil shale item description updated.
  • Fixed: Some of the hair styles have rendering issues
  • Fixed: Moldy bread description updated.
  • Fixed: Localization is not set back to English when returning to the main menu.
  • Fixed: Vegetable stew healing buff does not work.
  • Fixed: hardSod can not be upgraded to fertileFarmland.
  • Fixed: Print on whiteFootballJersey is mirrored.
  • Fixed: Unisex hair afro is incorrect, uses wrong model.
  • Fixed: Localization now applying to main menu too.
  • Fixed: Scrap iron log spike has no description.
  • Fixed: Trader opening closing sounds not heard by all players.
  • Fixed: Dead new UMA zombies stand when chunk reloads.
  • Fixed: Air Drops spawned in radiated zone old bug is back.
  • Fixed: Rare exception in UNET server implementation.
  • Fixed: Texture size affects loading screen quality.
  • Fixed: Trader can be broken and made to stay open all night.
  • Fixed: Trader Bob’s POI partially generated in random gen.
  • Fixed: RWG mountain anomalies and RWG POI deformities.
  • Fixed: Gravel roads traveling along roads causing roads to look strange.
  • Fixed: Barbed Wire and Barbed Wire Fence have incorrect descriptions for requirement (Gazz)
  • Fixed: LoadRWGMixer for backward compatibility was loading into the old RWG Rules class (Robert)
  • Fixed: Players may be unable to re-join RWG server.
  • Fixed: Supply crates are landing in the same place all of the time.
  • Fixed: Corrected probability of the first zombie in a 7 day horde group.

Known Issues

  • Known issue: Auger, chainsaw and nailgun use the Gun Smithing crafting skill and the blunderbuss Weapon Smithing.
  • Known Issue: Sometimes trader protection volumes can be in the wrong location protecting a random poi or piece of land.
  • Known Issue: Duping using zombies
  • Known Issue: UMA zombies have incorrect hitbox when stunned on the ground.
  • Known Issue: Occasional drowning on land.

Known Crashes

  • Known Crash: OSX: Game crashing on startup if multiple monitors are attached and not set to mirrored
  • Known Crash: Linux: Graphics corruption on some GPUs
  • Known Crash: Windows: Game crashing after entering a game on old NVIDIA drivers (34x series)

Possible solutions

  • Switch to the GLCore renderer in the game launcher (see below)
  • Windows only: Try the 32 Bit engine from the game launcher (see below)
  • Clean up old game data (e.g. from the “Tools” tab in the game launcher)

Show the game launcher

  • Open the Steam client
  • Switch to the Games Library
  • Right click “7 Days to Die” and select “Show Game Launcher”

If any of the above issues are fixed by one of the above options, please report in the PC Support Forum Section of the forum. If none of these help use the PC Bugs Forum Section and post your problems, make sure to read the sticky thread about bug reporting first though!

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